Raspberry Mint Smoothie

The raspberry season is in full swing, so it would really be a shame not to make some excellent raspberry mint smoothie from this excellent berries.
Regardless of whether you have your own raspberry patch at home and can enjoy homegrown raspberries or if you buy them, I would like to encourage you to consider storing your excess raspberries for the use in colder months. It’s so easy to store your harvested or bought raspberries. The easiest way is to simply freeze them and take them out of the freezer when needed.

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Shrek smoothie

And here we go – my first 2€ smoothie recipe. The series is opened by Shrek smoothie which is named after the ogre from the well know animated movie. Shrek smoothie has become one of my favorite ways to disguise spinach for small (and adult) children. Because I don’t have kids I test my recipes on Aljaz who is pretty picky especially when it comes to green vegetables in all shapes and sizes. His comment about this smoothie was: “It great because you have to get through the healthy part (green) to get to the good (gray) and the best (brown) part.”.Continue Reading