About me

About me


My name is Petra. 🙂

I’m a full time engineer and part time gardener, weed fighter, main kitchen experimentor and occasional goat and chicken keeper. 🙂

I like walks in the nature with my boyfriend and our dog Didi. I love the season when I have extra homegrown produce that I can later distribute between my friend and family because I think that good food really brings people closer together and creates great memories.

I am I big plastic-free and zero-waste advocate and a fan of everthing handmade or made by local business.

Some trivia:

Favourite color: black
Favourite piece of wardrobe: windstopper and Hunter boots
Favourite animal: dog
Favourite plant: currently gorden chain tree, but it changes with the season
Favourite time of day: early morning
Favourite month: march
Favourite band: Pearl Jam
Favourite movie: Kill Bill

house by the woods author
Me and our dog Didi at lake Bohinj.