Heart-shaped Pavlova Cake with Currant

In my last post, I wrote about currant, so today I thought it would be a good idea to share a recipe that utilizes currants in a different way than just in a jam or marmalade. 🙂 This cute heart-shaped pavlova cake with currant is light and refreshing and perfect for hot summer days. I’ve decided to go with heart-shaped pavlova cakes but you can just as easily make a classical bigger round one or any other shape because whipped egg whites are super easy to play around with. 🙂
If you decide to omit the corn starch in the recipe below, the dessert will also be gluten-free and therefore suitable for anyone with celiac disease or hypersensitivity to gluten.Continue Reading

Buckwheat tarragon swiss roll

I first tasted the buckwheat swiss roll at Aljaž’s grandparents. It was Aljaž’s grandmother who introduced me to this dessert and I was blown away by it’s fluffyness and tastiness. When I decided to recreate this excellent dessert, I was thinking about possible changes and supplements, and I remembered the tarragon – a great aromatic herb that is wildly growing in the corner of the garden.Continue Reading