Three Things That Every Pregnant Woman or New Mom Should Grow in the Garden

It’s been little over a month since we greeted a new family member in the House by the woods. I  plan to share my birth story in one of my next posts. This time I will focus on the three garden produce that has helped me through my pregnancy, preparation for the birth and continue to ease my post-natal period. It is recommended to eat as many fresh vegetables as possible during pregnancy. If it’s home-grown it’s even better. 🙂Continue Reading

Dandelion Iced Tea

It seems that this week will end as it began – in the name of homemade drinks. My last post of the week is dedicated to my newest invention – it’s dandelion iced tea. This likable combination is the result of my current obsession with the healing roots of wild plants. In the last week I foraged roots of dandelion, chicory and comfrey. I must admit that I have come across the healing properties of these plants just this past summer and ever since I have read about them I have patiently waited for the autumn as it’s the best time to harvest them. Because when the plants are preparing for wintering they’re storing the medicinal substances in the roots. The common saying goes that all the wild roots should be picked in months that have the letter “R” in their name. So SeptembeR couldn’t come fast enough this year.Continue Reading