Lake Bohinj Trip and Zero Waste Picnic

As a little f**k you to the heat that’s been unbearable the last week we decided that it was time for refreshment. As a change of scenery, we took a short break from working at home and in the garden and went on an afternoon trip to Lake Bohinj. By “we” I mean Aljaz, me and our dog Deedee.

I have to say that our little trip was actually only my third time in Bohinj. I was there once in the autumn a couple of years back when I didn’t make it any further than to the beach, closest to the hotel Jezero and the second time with a good friend when we decided to walk around the lake in the winter. Although we had to walk the last third of the way in complete darkness, since the day was so short and we miscalculated the time needed to make the round trip, we had a great time, talking out minds off the entire walk.

During the Saturday’s heat wave I and Aljaž decided to spend the afternoon at the lake Bohinj and do something good for ourselves combining a walk around the lake with a swimming season. The dinner was planned as a small picnic at the lakeshore.

We left the house at 3 p.m. and hoped that by the time we get to the Bohinj, the heat would wind down and our walk would be bearable.

bohinj lake slovenia trip sightseeing swimming
At the beginning of the path around Lake Bohinj.

Arrival to bohinj and SEARCH FOR the parking spot

After the heavy traffic around Bled, we arrived to Bohinj at 4 p.m.. Ribčev Laz was just as crowded as Bled and its surroundings. We parked in the parking lot above the hotel Jezero. This move has cost us quite a lot because one hour of parking costs 1.5€ (1.75$). We ended up paying 6€ (7$) for the parking from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. when the parking meter runs out. I smiled bitter sweetly while dropping the coins to the parking machine because I was comforted by the thought that we won’t be spending any more money that day. You see, our dinner was already in our backpacks.

The walk around lake bohinj

And so we went (of course Deedee went with us). After the huge amount or people – mostly daily swimmers and sunbathers on a first few beaches at the lake Bohinj, the crowd started disappearing as we were getting further from the main road and onto our little hike. The further we were from the Ribčev Laz, the fewer people we encountered on the paths and by the water. The path is easy to walk on, flat and suitable for basically any kind of footwear or physical fitness. Most of the path lays in the shade so the walk very pretty nice during the heat.

bohinj lake slovenia europe trip idea dog water lagotto romagnolo
Deedee strikes a pose. 🙂

Somewhere after the first third of the walk we found a bay with no visitors. We changed to our swimming suits and went for a long-awaited swim. Despite the initial shock from the water temperature (let’s just say that the water was pretty cold) all three of us were pretty quick to swim in the lake. If I would have to choose I would say that Deedee was the happiest during swim time since she is in love with water.

dog swimming lagotto romagnolo water dog bohinj lake slovenia
Deedee in her element.

After the swim break we continued our way to Ukanc village. We walked past the cutest houses for which i still wonder if their inhabitants can access them by any other way than with a boat.

house lake bohinj slovenia trip idea what to see do
Houses at the shore of Lake Bohinj.

zero waste picnic with the view over the lake bohinj

We got to a nice rock right with a magical view over the lake. Me and Aljaz decided to call it our picnic spot for the day. Thank god that our picnic was entirely zero waste since that wasn’t a single garbage can on our way from Ribčev Laz to Ukanc. I guess it’s true what they say: no waste, no worries. 🙂

zero waste plastic free picnic bohinj slovenia
Zero waste picnic with a view over the Lake Bohinj.

What and how did we eat at the picnic?

  • Sliced honey melon in a glass patent jar. We ate with wooden RAŽNJIČ sticks.
  • Tortillas filled with homegrown veggies, bacon and avocado, packed (ZAVITE) in cotton towels.
  • Lemonade, served in canning jars which I decorated with a slice pf lime and a few mint leaves back at home.

I have to admit that not the whole picnic was plastic free as I would want it. The tortillas were stored in plastic containers since I’m still saving on buying the glass storing containers. :/

zero waste picnic lemonade melon stuffed tortillas
Melon, lemonade and stuffed tortillas – no waste, no worries. 🙂

The rest of the walk

After the picnic we continued our way toward Ukanc and then on the pedestrian lane next to the road back to Ribčev Laz. The whole walk, with all the stops, took us a little more than four hours. We returned (modestly tired) to the car at 8:30 p.m..

ukanc lake bohinj slovenia vacation trip best places to visit
Houses in Ukanc. In the shelter of the mountains and overlooking the lake.

A trip to Bohinj proved to be a great idea. The only thing I would change is the choice of a parking spot because it’s pretty easy to park for free in Bohinj.

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